Hi everyone! Sorry for my silence in the last weeks, but I was studying for my exams at university. If you’ve followed my blog in the last months, you know that I’m a BIG BIG fan of customized objects. It’s one of the reason for which I’m always looking for handmade items, and for which I prefer the customizable ones. I always tell you that I think that accessories are a key part of our outfits, and personalized ones obviously makes them more unique and contribute to build a personal style. In a globalized world like the one we are living in, where most people dress in the same way, buy the same things, go in the same place, having a personal style is becoming every day more important and it’s a beautiful way to express yourself.

I think that there’s no better gift than a customized item, especially when it comes for jewellery. Giving something personalized it’s a big message, it’s like you’re telling this person “I chose this gift JUST for you and ONLY for you”. And you can have the certainty that no one have the same piece and no one will give that person the same gift. What do you think about customized gifts? Have you ever received one?

One of my best friend was leaving for a long travel and I wanted to give her a gift that could be a memory of our friendship while she was away and I found a site, Custome Necklace, which does not only sell customizable necklace but also keychains, bracelets, rings and many other items. The items in the web site are customizable both through incision or using photos. I fell in love with the infinity double name bracelets in rose gold and sterling, but also the jewellery with pictures are lovely. Which one would your choose for a gift to your friend/love?